Compulsory Basic Training

What is CBT?

Compulsory Basic Training is a course that must be completed by all learner riders before riding unaccompanied on the road. You must be 16 years of age or over to take CBT.

Who Will Take My CBT?

Your CBT will be delivered by an instructor that has been approved by the Driving Standards Agency. It will take place on an off-road site, so there is no pressure to take to the roads before you feel ready.

What Will I Learn?

During your CBT at Triskelion Motorcycle Training, you’ll learn the following in a safe and enjoyable environment:

  • Motorcycling theory
  • Road safety skills
  • The correct attitude towards motorcycling
  • You’ll have fun, as well as the opportunity to meet like-minded motorcyclists and, if you’re very lucky, you’ll get a complimentary coffee or two!
What you receive from us:

A full day’s training, covering 5 elements:

  • Introduction to CBT
  • Practical on-site training
  • Practical on-site riding
  • Practical on road training
  • Practical on road riding.
Do I Have to Own a Motorcycle / Moped?

No! We have geared 125cc and 50cc motorbikes / mopeds for hire, so you’ll always be riding a machine that you feel comfortable with. We also use high-quality bike-to-bike radios to ensure that wherever you are, your instructor can talk you through any situation.

What About Safety?

Safety is paramount no matter what you ride, so helmets and other safety equipment are available for loan, ensuring you stay safe and dry while out on your bike.

When Don’t I Need CBT?

You don’t need to have CBT if you:

  • Have passed a moped test
  • Already hold a valid CBT certificate of completion
  • Hold a full motorcycle licence
Do I Need To Have Passed the Theory Test?

Not if you are undertaking CBT.

Your DL196 (CBT Validation Certificate) is valid for two years – during that time you can either progress on to your Full Motorcycle Licence or renew your DL196 at the end of the two years.

How much will it cost?

Please check our Pricing Guide for the latest.

More information:

Check out the official Government Learners and new drivers and riders site for more or Contact Us!

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