Meet the Team


Ian “Gruff” Graley

Chief Instructor
Current Machines : Suzuki Hyabusa, Suzuki Bandit 1200, Yamaha Diversion (’93), KR 1 (x2 – ’89), MZ250 (x2 – even older)
Some say he is as old as the TT competition and his internal organs are the shape of ‘Kates Cottage’. He has left his mark in many places all around the country (particularly Mallory Race Track). Known for his ‘font of all knowledge’ – (if you really want to know the size of any tyre ever fitted to any motorcycle pre 1990). Frequently seen disappearing into ‘Gruff’s World’ (the workshop), muttering “tig welder, tig welder, tig welder …..”We (lovingly?) call him ….. Gruff.


Lorraine “Raine” Graley

Senior Instructor / All Admin. / Chief Organiser
Current Machines : Yamaha Diversion 600, Suzuki Bandit 600 (x 2), Warrior Despatch 125 (can’t part with my first bike)
Some say she does everything Gruff tells her to (however everybody knows it’s the other way round).  Despite being the oldest instructor, she is the ‘youngest at heart’ and definitely the fittest.  Known for her ability to magic ‘something’ from ‘nothing’ and to organise anything – including the ‘opening of a paper bag’.  Often followed with the immortal words – “Raine, please don’t go outside……. it’ll rain”

We (lovingly?) call her ……. ‘Head Office’


Ken “Tiny Mc Shrimp” Holt

Current Machines : Yamaha Diversion 600 (x2, but 1 sick), Honda Super Dream (too many to count, all sick), Honda CX500 (beyond sick) ……. getting a theme here ???  Some say he is the tallest dwarf they have ever seen. Others liken him to a brother of ‘Goliath’.  With patience exuding from every pore and a very disturbing fondness for 50cc automatic machines /scooters in general – he will try ANYTHING with 2 wheels – even if it disappears beneath him and worryingly may never be seen again.  The kind provider of the home (like for old donkeys) for old bikes.     We lovingly call him ……. Tiny Mc Shrimp of the Clan Mc Shrimp of Brimington (his chest is big enough to take the long name)